Sunday, March 25, 2007

March 27 Notable Releases

A few of the 2,488 new and re-released albums coming out this week.

Mika -- Life in Cartoon Motion. Debut from a 22-year-old, Lebanese popster from the UK who's being compared to the over the top sonics of Freddy Mercury and Queen.

Good Charlotte -- Good Morning Revival.Not to pre-empt Damore's review later this week, but we'd guess this is more like, "Bad Morning Revival, Bad Charlotte". (Ha! We slay us.)

Kaiser Chiefs -- Yours Truly Angry Mob. Recent release from the later day Brit-poppers finally hits the states -- plus they have a guy named "Whitey" and a guy named "Peanut" in the band... can't go wrong there.

Also, it's worth noting that this week there are remastered re-releases from the excitable boy himself, Warren Zevon(including a couple albums never before on CD) and the Doors. Both serve up alternate takes of classic songs, which should be enough to get some fans who've already bought these albums 2 or 3 times to buy them yet again. Ray and Robbie from the Doors, particularly seem keen to re-up their cash flow, with a 40th anniversary book coming out later this year as well; but considering that they got Bruce Botnick, the original producer of their classic albums to supervise the mixes and "re-mixes" -- it's probably going to be worth a listen.



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